Using this material in classroom settings

This guide is written for instructors considering adopting content on this site into their courses.

See the about page for an overall description of the use-case of content on this website.

Labs that use Kali-on-GCP

Not all of the labs use Kali. The labs that do use Kali are following:

The labs that do not use Kali are the following:

Assigning a lab that uses Kali

If instructors assign students any of the labs that use Kali, students will need to purchase access to the Kali-on-GCP package. Assign the Intro to GCP tutorial to get students started on GCP.

Instructors may also want to assign the Intro to Linux tutorial.

Sequencing labs for the pentest assignment

There is a penetration test assignment that is intended as a major project (found here). There is a sequence of labs that prepares students to complete this project.

The pentest preparation lab sequence is as follows:

  1. Lab: Password Cracking
  2. Lab: Vulnerability Scanning
  3. Lab: Exploitation

Support and Service Level Agreements

Generally, we guarantee that the lab virtual machines will function, but we do not provide direct support to students. However, instructor can submit requests that certain lab content be clarified, to increase lab ease of use for students. Instructors can also submit bug reports.

To submit lab change requests, or to report bugs, instructors should submit an “issue” on the the github repo for this site.

For an example Service Level Agreement, see here.

Please contact us at [email protected] to arrange your own SLA. Instructors are provided with free access to Kali-on-GCP.

Preparing to use

We recommend that instructors personally complete any lab they want to assign to their students. This will enable them to answer questions that their students may raise.

The labs are intended to stand independent of lectures

While Tony and Dave use these labs in tandem with custom lectures, these labs are intended to stand independent of those lectures. If instructors notice content in these labs that seems to assume certain lecture material has been delivered, they should please file a bug report.