Lab Errata and Changelog

This page documents fixes for bugs in versions of the virtual machines, including Kali on GCP.

Kali-on-GCP v3.1.1

  • Kali is running metasploit-framework v6.1.23-dev, but with this commit from v6.1.31 applied to give chrome_enum.rb the ability to handle Chrome > v80.
  • Installed docker, Docker version 24.0.5, build ced0996
  • Installed DVWA version 2.3 as a Docker container into Kali, running on http://localhost:4280, out of directory /root/git/DVWA. The older DVWA v1 version of DVWA on Metasploitable2 is still available, and is still referenced by the labs.
  • Re-armed the Windows VM license
  • Installed mirage into the security-onion VM

Kali-on-GCP v3.0.0

Problem: A lock screen appears when the screensaver turns on

Reason: Chrome remote desktop is using the wrong desktop environment (it is using cinnamon instead of xfce4).

Solution: Set xfce4 to be the default desktop environment used by chrome remote desktop.

Resolved in: v3.0.1